Monday, February 18, 2008

Blogger's Remorse

Now that I have finally really gotten going with my food blog (seeing that it took me 13 months to write a second entry) I am feeling extremely remorseful at all the blogging opportunities that I have missed. I keep thinking about the trip to New York I made over New Years and all the tasty food I ate (as well as the photos I could have shared of my swollen sprained ankle, the Lenox Hill Hospital emergency room, and the lovely wheelchair trip I got to make around JFK as I attempted to get my handi-capable self back to California).

I could have also included photos of my boyfriend mocking me and my klutziness, and the series of colors my ankle turned in the following weeks. Maybe if I had been taking photos of martinis instead of drinking them I would have more fully noticed when the lovely, slim heel of my Ferragamo got stuck in the grate outside the restaurant and I wouldn't have attempted to keep walking, leaving my ankle health in the dust. But, alas, we can all dream. And I don't know if photos of a purple/yellow/blue ankle really fit in amongst entries about food and cooking (maybe if this were a diet site I could splice together photos of disgusting injuries with food so whenever you look at a cream puff you associate it with a compound fracture and walk away from it. Wait a minute, that is absolutely genius, I am brilliant beyond belief and will make more money than Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers put together. I better patent this before someone steals my fabulous idea).

So I know I have to catch up in all the food and writing that I have been missing. On top of my blog, I was instructed by my new trainer to write down everything I eat for a few days. (The trainer is in direct relation to the ankle. Because of the sprain I cannot run my usual dozen or so miles a week, so I have joined the gym in an attempt to keep my stomach from growing outward). I was supposed to do this food journal this past weekend and attempt to follow his rule for me "no white at night" (whatever that means. Does he really expect me to cut carbs out of my diet, even at night? I would starve I tell you, STARVE!) Unfortunately, I considered myself responsible for consuming as much food as possible this weekend and made cheese grits, quite possibly the unhealthiest thing in my food repertoire. So now I want to start afresh and create a new food journal, one that doesn't include chicken and waffles, and Little Star Pizza. I will eat only veggies and whole grains, and try to consume a bit less butter than I usually do. (I have rationalized that because I don't eat red meat or pork, it is important that I eat lots of butter because god forbid I don't consume as much saturated fat as the average American). So I will indulge in the fresh vegetables that my lovely Northern California supplies me with and banish cheese, bread, and butter. Ok, at least until dinner time.

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