Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Concept, New Year (almost)... Plus More

I am currently hurtling through the air at 10,000 square feet heading for Dublin, Ireland, via Atlanta. I am setting out on a very exciting European adventure that I cannot wait to share! I suppose that ending up in Dublin tomorrow morning at 6:45am local time will be worth being picked up by a super shuttle at 3:30am this morning (ack). But traveling I am and I am so excited to not only experience a day in the American South, but spend a dozen days in the Old World learning about James Joyce, Irish history, the making of Jameson and Guinness and much much more. This will be a documentation of all of that, plus all the tasty food and drink that I manage to consume to fuel my journey. Keep checking and I will keep updating. See you in Atlanta!

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