Monday, March 24, 2008

Bloggers Unite at Blue Jay Cafe

So, there I was on Saturday morning (alright, it was past noon) at the Blue Jay cafe on Divisadero, eating a chicken sandwich and gossiping with my two girlfriends, both named Nicole, about the events from the night before, and lo and behold. The woman at the table next to us takes out an ENORMOUS camera and starts photographing the crab benedict and biscuits and gravy that have been set down on her table. The Nicoles made strange faces and said, um, that is very odd. I on the other hand knew exactly what she was doing! She was taking photographic evidence for her food blog (mind you, these are all assumptions). So, we are taking over the world, one restaurant, one dish, and one photo at a time. Mystery blogger/photographer, who are you? And why didn't I strike up a neighborly, bloggerly conversation? (I just made up that word, what do we think??)
Anyway, I was shy, and should have said hi. (Oh, now the writing skills are really coming out!) But I was too immersed in my chicken salad sandwich with cheddar cheese (minus the bacon) to really figure it out. Now, I love Blue Jay. They have great omelets and eggs, amazing biscuits, and good salads. I wouldn't order the chicken salad sandwich. It's just sort of... odd. I think that there is curry on it. And the toast didn't match up. I have no idea where the matching tops to my sandwich went, but the pieces of toast that were atop my sandwich were in no way the same shape as those that were on the underside of sandwich. Hmmmm. Strange things going on at Blue Jay. Anyway, run in there on the weekend or any night of the week. Enjoy your eggs. Caution the chicken salad...

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