Monday, March 17, 2008

Fillmore 1300, mmmmm

Walking into Fillmore 1300 is always a welcoming experience for me. The restaurant is so warmly decorated and I like all the different rooms. Plus my friend Dave is the general manager and therefore I get treated probably a little better than the average customer. Well, one of my best friends broke up with her boyfriend so my roommate and I decided that we could either have her come over and we could all sit on the couch and moan, or we could get dressed up and go out to a nice meal (actually, after a can of Tecate, I think this was my suggestion). So the three of us waltzed down the street and into the lovely arms of Dave and his Fillmore 1300 staff.

The evening began with an amuse bouche. This was a small piece of polenta with a roasted red pepper, etc. It was delicious, and quite a musing for my bouche. It was washed down with a lovely pinot noir that Tony, the sommelier, helped us choose. I didn't order a main course this particular evening, I had already eaten quite a lot that day and was not starving. But I did partake in the brussel sprouts that we ordered for the table, as well as the yummy cornbread with pepper jam and butter. I also had a salad of arugula, fennel, endive, apples, walnuts and a champagne viniagrette which I did not submit to photographic memory for some reason.
Now, the best part of this meal was the dessert, which was a surprise and gift from Dave. He sent us four desserts, each one better than the next. We had the sorbet and petite fours, the Bananas Foster Fillmore, the Chocolate Beignets, and one more that I cannot remember. What I do remember is that they were all amazing. And I am not a huge sweets person, as I have said in the past, but I tasted and enjoyed every single dessert. (My lack of memory comes from the fact that this meal was now 10 days ago, a little late on the post, my bad).
I really like this restaurant every time I go. Katie's fried chicken was delicious, the bite I had, and I really like the homage to the jazz age of the Fillmore district and its respect of history. My only complaint would be that every time I walked out of the bathroom I slipped on the hard wood in the hallway, but it is quite possible that is my fault, as I am known for my klutziness.

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