Monday, April 07, 2008

Bad Food Day

I had a bad food day on Friday. What, may you ask, is this this? And how is it possible in a city like San Francisco? Hmm, well, it is possible, but I should be smarter than that. It actually started out Thursday night. I restaurant hopped from Little Star pizza to Nopa, which was pretty great. I had one piece of pizza, pepperoni carefully picked off as I was dining with three men who ignored my cries of a veggie pizza. I ate one chicken wing and some carrots, and then I was off, running down the street to meet another friend, and another meal. (Strangely I actually lost weight last week, perhaps it was all the running between restaurants).
I plopped myself down at Nopa and ate a delicious appetizer of "Warm Goat Cheese, Crostini, Pickled Beets, Frisée and Peppercress"- description taken directly from Nopa menu. I was lovely, just the perfect snack. I paired it with a nice pinot noir and I was a very happy girl. But, within an hour of socializing, I was a very tired girl. So I ran down the street, past the park, and into my house to get some much needed sleep (see, more running, and all in high boots too, amazing!) But, I woke up late the next day for work, understandably.
There I was, sitting at my computer, lamenting my choice to stay out too late on a Thursday night, and I was getting hungry. Really hungry. It was almost 1pm and I had yet to consume a calorie, I don't think that my green tea counts. So where to go? My office is situated on a slightly dead block of downtown San Francisco, re- I have to walk at least 3 or so blocks for a good food option. There is a coffee shop around the corner though where I pick up a turkey sandwich occasionally, but turkey and I are still on the outs, to there went that option. I hauled my lazy cookies around the corner to the coffee shop. I got a cobb salad. I figured it was more substantial than the other salad with it's eggs etc. So I ran back to the office, and after picking off the bacon on top of the salad (those pesky pork products again), I dove in. Chew chew chew, um, gross. The lettuce was old, the tomatoes were mealy, the dressing was horrid. I was completely underwhelmed. But at this point I had already spent $7 (I know! $7 for a bad salad, very disappointing) and I didn't have the energy to go elsewhere. So I stuck it out with my bad salad until the end of the day.
I left work late that night and decided that I was in the mood for a burrito. There is a chain Mexican place on my way home, between buses, so I figured I could run in there and get a bite. I trotted on down to La Salsa (yes, once again, this is all my fault. I live close to so many amazing burrito shops and I choose La Salsa). I ordered my "California Veggie Burrito." It is basically rice, beans, avocado, salsa, lettuce and cheese. Simple, right. I mean, that's hard to screw up. And in their defense they didn't really screw up, it was just, not good. I decided to eat in the shop because I was starving. So the first disappointment is realizing that it was Friday night and I was sitting alone on Fillmore Street eating a bad burrito with my nose in a book. (My nose is always in a book, more about that later). But the salsa that I poured onto the burrito so it would have SOME flavor, completely swamped any other taste. Oh well, I figured that I could eat well for the rest of the weekend. It's not like I wouldn't get another opportunity in about 12 hours...
PS- This picture of a burrito was the most unappetizing I could find. I didn't take a photo because of lack of inspiration/unworthiness of photographic evidence.

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