Thursday, April 03, 2008

Breaking Up With My Turkey Sandwich

So, I think it's actually over. Or maybe we're just on a break. But just the idea of a turkey sandwich right now turns my stomach. And we were on such a good roll. It had been a few months of constant turkey sandwiches, pretty much every day. He was my old standby. When I wasn't hungry but felt like I should eat something, Mr. Turkey was always there. And he wasn't always the same, he could adapt to the situation at hand, an important quality in a partner. I did turkey on wheat, turkey on big crusty sourdough rolls, sometimes with avocado, at times with cheese, sometimes with both. Always lettuce and tomato. I even had a turkey pesto panini. There were open faced turkey sandwiches, warm and covered with gravy. The classic turkey cranberry, no onions please, which is refreshing when sitting in the park at lunch. The only constant was mustard. I can't do it without mustard. (Secret- I even keep little packets of mustard in my desk drawer in case, god forbid, there isn't any or enough mustard on the sandwich.)
But, I think we overdid it yesterday. Too much togetherness. I had two, yes TWO, turkey sandwiches yesterday. They were different, one deli made on sliced sourdough with jack cheese, and one homemade on 9-grain bread with avocado and a little mayo. But by then end of the second, my dinner, I realized that we had spent too much time together. So much time that I cannot even fathom eating poultry right now. Yes, I am off the whole species. I may just need a break from sandwiches in general as well. Why oh why. It's so hard to lose an old friend. And I am sure with time we'll start talking again, slowly but surely. I'll see a friend with one and ask for a bite. It won't turn my stomach. The charm will return and I'll venture out and buy one. I'll start simple, just turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mustard. Then maybe I'll go more complex. Add some avocado, perhaps a pickle or a little slice of cheese. I have always thought a nice big basil leaf really augments the flavors. But it is hard for me to talk about it right now. Breaking up can be tough, but maybe all is not lost. Maybe I just need a break. I don't really want to eat anything else, I just can't have another turkey sandwich for a while...

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