Friday, June 27, 2008

Walnuts and Spinach in Pesto- Oh My! The Incredible Hulk Meal

Yum, this was really good. I made a pesto one night when I realized I had about 2 pounds of spinach and walnuts, but nothing much else. In my Cuisinart I pureed lots of spinach with walnuts, a little too much garlic in retrospect, a handful of leftover basil, some lemon juice and bit of lemon zest, and parmesan and gruyere (I had a teeny bit on hand I wanted to get rid of.) I streamed in the olive oil and I was all set. I also had some spinach fettuccine in the cupboard which went well with the green meal. I have green eyes and find it very important to match my food to my eyes. Kidding. But it would be nice if your food always blended nicely with your complexion or your outfit of choice. I cannot recall what I was wearing the night that I cooked this, but I am sure that it went along nicely.
The pesto was delicious and quick. There was bit too much garlic, we both reeked for about 24 hours, but it was a nice meal. And the pasta was delicious. I will update this when I remember the brand, but it was a spinach and egg fettuccine which completed the greenness of the meal. I think that I still love the classic pesto made with basil and pine nuts, but twisting it with a different leafy green adn walnuts really made the flavor pop.

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