Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bocadillos- Little Bites

My grandparents were in town and they were going to be a few blocks from my office, so I decided to meet them and my mom for lunch. Since they don't San Francisco as well as I do, I chose the restaurant and was i excited to do so. I went to Bocadillos once a few years ago and I have been eager to return ever since. We plopped down at one of their communal tables and went about ordering from their delicious menu. It is a tapas restaurant so you get to choose one of two sandwiches. This was the hardest part of I ultimately chose the tuna melt and the double cheese tomato and basil. We started out with the beet salad with harissa vinaigrette.

As per the usual, I forgot to take a picture before I dove into the salad, so I will defend Chef Hirigoyen and say that his presentation was much lovelier than my photo shows. And the dressing was really interesting. It included all those warm Middle Eastern flavors that are so often in Spanish cuisine that I typically don't cook with. The four of us pretty much devoured it in just a few minutes. Then I was off to my sandwiches.
They were both warm and toasty and actually quite a lot of food, that did not stop me from finishing every bite! The tuna was that great Spanish tuna canned in oil that everyone should always use to make tuna sandwiches (that or the Italian tonno). And I've never met a warm cheese and tomato sandwich that I don't like, so I was in heaven. My grandparents and my mom enjoyed their meals as well, my grandfather Kane got a soup that was particularly tasty. I plan on returning to the restaurant soon. My only complaint would be that it was a bit noisy for my grandparents, but I don't care as much about that sort of thing.

Here we are after a nice meal, three generations of girls!

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just a mom said...

Look at those fabulous women! This is great. i love all the photos Evan.