Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jake's Birthday Dinner- What Does a 2 year Old Like?

I spent Sunday night doing things to corn. Sounds strange but it is true. I shucked it, I washed it, I cut all the corn off the cob, I warmed it through and then I made creamed corn. Mmmmm. Because what more does a 2 year old want than creamed corn? Really? My mom made lamb, roasted asparagus, a large green salad and a Caprese, and then we had the corn.
Jake looked over the table and thought, hmmm, what should I eat first? Obviously he ate the corn, especially because his Auntie made it for him. And considering the fact that I used about 16 ears of corn, the few tablespoons of butter and cream really don't amount to much (except I doubled them, shhhh). The result was sweet goodness. And it isn't overtly creamy like the canned stuff. The texture is still authentically kernel-y ( new word, you like?) the corn is so sweet still that it needs nothing more than some shakes of salt and a few grinds of pepper (not too many because the baby doesn't really like it). And don't forget the cupcakes!

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