Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The World's Best Turkey Burgers

I made the world's best turkey burgers.
Yes, you read that correctly. How, one might ask, do I KNOW that I made the world's best turkey burgers? Well, maybe I don't know, but if John and I were to make an educated guess then we would both come up with the same result. I made the world's best turkey burgers.
The turkey burgers were not even actually supposed to be made. I bought ground turkey with the intent to make either turkey meatballs or simply add it to a red sauce for extra protein. But I made the red sauce with soy crumbles in an attempt to trick John into realizing that he does not actually need flesh to have a filling meal.

So on a Saturday night we came home from a day of way too much college football (in my opinion) and I set to work on the burgers. I added the turkey to a bowl and mixed it with an egg, chopped onion and garlic, parsley, grill seasoning, and breadcrumbs. A little salt and pepper and some red pepper flakes were the finishing touch. I stuck them on the grill pan and added a slice of pepperjack when they were almost done. and the result was incredible. So tasty. Serving them on english muffins added a bit of crunch and they didn't make them too thick (personal pet peeve, when you are served a food item, often times a sandwich, that is so incredibly thick you cannot possibly get your mouth around it). They were just so incredibly moist and flavorful. I had never used grill seasoning before and the addition was perfect. John claims to have eaten dozens and dozens of turkey burgers in his life and said that these were by far the best ever taken. Even better than a hamburger!

On a side note, I had not bought english muffins for years and I forgot how much I like them. I had one for breakfast and it was delicious, all those buttery nooks and crannies. I bought the sandwich size ones so they were perfect for egg sandwiches too.


John said...

The were quite good. Possibly the best. Certainly the best I've ever had. Good color too.


Kelly Spitzer said...

On an english muffin! I love that! I'm going to make a version of these next week.

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