Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mock Meat Sauce- I Played A Trick!

John and I have been having a little food conflict: he wants more meat than I do. Most nights I am content to eat a large salad, have a piece of toast and call it a night. But John wants "protein" and thinks that flesh is the only way to get that. So I bought ground turkey at the market (see above turkey burgers) and I also bought soy crumbles. With my simple tomato sauce (which I doctored up with zucchini, fresh onions, garlic and some red wine) I added the soy crumbles. I tossed it all with whole wheat linguine and a parmesan and fresh basil garnish.

So, what happened? Well...
John dove into the steaming bowl of pasta and said, "this is really good babe."
Me: Thanks, I have something I want to tell you though.
John: What?!
Me: I'll tell you in a minute, hold on a sec, let me grab something from the kitchen.
J: Is it a good surprise?
M: Sure, just a sec.
J: Are you pregnant?
M: Um, huh? No, I'm not pregnant. The surprise is I used soy crumbles instead of ground turkey.
J: Oh, really? I could tell. I knew it wasn't turkey.
M: Suuuuuure.

So apparently when I try to trick John he thinks I am pregnant. Well, I guess we both learned our lesson. But he actually really liked the pasta, so there might be more soy crumbles in our future!

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