Monday, September 29, 2008

Yoyo's- Hole in the Wall Japanese

Eating lunch on downtown San Francisco can be a dicey expedition. Often places are over priced and crowded. I don't have the time or money to spend 2o minutes in a line for a $10 salad. So I almost always bring my lunch (and rarely post it because it is typically boring. There are plenty of blogs you can read that record every single turkey sandwich, green salad, yogurt, string cheese, apple, or handful of pistachios that one eats, but I think that I don't need to bring quite that much voyeurism into my everyday life. Plus it would get pretty boring. Ooh, leftovers again, or, and then I ate a banana.) But I chose to post about Yoyo's because I like it so much. The above meal, a half order of chicken teriyaki, was $3.50 (seriously) and it is so good. And they have seaweed salad for $1.50 or edamame for $1.75. You just run in and grab it form the counter, it really cannot be beat. So maybe it isn't the most nutritious choice out there, but sometimes it just hits the spot in the perfect way. And I ate my orange, so that helped me rid off scurvy for another day!

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