Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Something's Fishy

What would be fishy? My house- for days after I actually cooked fish. But it was worth it. John and I bought some lovely cod at Molly Stone's and went home to make a quick and tasty dinner. I turned on the pan, stuck some zucchini in the oven, grabbed my salad stuff and went about quick coating the fish. Instead of using buttermilk or eggs, I simply sprinkled salt and pepper over the fish and then coated it with breadcrumbs. Did they coat it perfectly? No, but it was fine.

I did the fish on the stove top at first and then stuck the pan in the oven to finish its cooking. Here's a great cooking tip. When you take the crazy hot pan out of the oven and place it on the stove again, the handle is STILL HOT. Don't grab it with your bare hand. Because that HURTS. And sadly, yes, I am speaking from experience. Wise words from a klutz. Following the sad burning hand, I stuck ice all over it but it insisted on throbbing all evening. Oh, my other tip is don't take a hot shower after burning yourself. Even if you think it feels better. And even if you think you need to because you are in gross sweaty gym clothes. Do NOT take a shower. Because every time the water hits that sad red mark on the side of your hadn ti burns. Badly. I am glad that everyone can learn from my mistakes. So sad.


Thumbbook said...

The dish looks great, so sorry about your hand, hope it's better now!

Evie said...

Thanks, it did hurt! Nothing a good night's sleep didn't fix though!

John said...

Babe, I think it was orange roughy. The hand is fine.