Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Amy's Pizza- Good Stuff!

Here's a story many other have probably experienced. It's Sunday afternoon. You are tired (re: lazy) and hungry but don't feel like doing anything. And I mean anything. You are on your fourth episode of Bridezilla (just pretend, I know I would never watch it either) and then it occurs to you that a pizza might be in order. That said, pizza is sort of pricey right now and not that great for you. So, what does one do? They make an Amy's frozen pizza.
Now, I never eat frozen food. It's just not my thing. But if I ever do it is always Amy's brand. They are all natural, organic, and not filled with a bunch of preservatives and other crap. I actually couldn't help myself but had to add some fresh ingredients to the pizza. So I chopped up scallions and added some yummy Cow Girl Creamery cheese I had on hand. I added these about 3/4 of the way through the cooking process.
The pizza was surprisingly good. The sauce tasted fresh and the crust was not the crust one might expect when making a frozen pizza. I grew up with the Celeste pizzas that my mom would make when she was going out to dinner. I loved them as a kid, including that funny little silver plate that you would have to cook it on. I remember eating the frozen cheese that came out of the packet a well. But the crust really did taste a bit chalky and cardboardy and I think the only reason I like them is for the nostalgia factor.
My new purchase will always be Amy's from now on though. Actually, I picked up 2 at Whole Foods last night so I can be prepared for the next lazy Sunday. I got the personal Margarita to try as well! I'm excited. My friend Casey told me it's her go-to when her husband works late. I'll tell everyone about it when I eat it!

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