Friday, July 18, 2008

Wrap It Up!- Lunch Vegan Style

I rarely write about lunch because usually I am either a) busy at work, b) too tired in the morning or evening to bother taking photos, c) eating some random combination of apples and kettle chips and pistachios, or d) simply forgetful. But I woke up this morning and made another wrap, the fourth I've made this week. I'm not sure if you can see all the ingredients but my wrap consisted of the following:

a whole wheat tortilla
peppered Tofurkey
spicy hummus
baked tofu
sesame seeds
pickled ginger

The hummus and pickled ginger REALLY gave the wrap a kick! I made one for myself and dropped one off at John's office along with an orange so he could have a good lunch too. Poor thing has been working super long days. He was at the office until midnight last night and came in at 6 this morning! So he needs some fresh food in his belly. He emailed me to say the ginger was amazing and it was a good call. I said, of COURSE! I knew that when I put it in!
I am really liking these wraps for lunch and I think that they will become a more constant in my lunch cycle. And John really likes the baked tofu which is amazing, so there's that. The one thing I DID learn was they are best made the morning of. They get soggy if done the night before.
(above- the look of my counter this morning...)

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